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Our Garden Guru team are experts in service to both residential and commercial clients around the Canberra area. When it comes to reliability, safety and excellent pricing – We are the best choice guaranteed!

Our Garden Guru team can perform all aspects of tree services in Canberra including removal and pruning. Get in touch by giving us a call or fill out the online form!

Canberra Tree Removal
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Since 2010, Our Team Provides Professional Tree Services and Maintenance for the Canberra area.


At our company, we begin with the view that your trees make a huge contribution to the environment and are part of an ecosystem. The proper care of trees is a crucial step to maintaining the health and longevity of your trees and trees and shrubs. 

We use our knowledge to decide how to best treat the entire system to improve the connection of each tree with its particular environment, taking into consideration all the landscapes around it, structures microclimates, and of course, the people who are part of the ecosystem.

Why choose us?

Pruning or removing trees, large trees can be dangerous work. As tree service Canberra professionals, we first assess the tree and its location, and advise you of your options. We properly plan tree removal or maintenance to protect your home and surroundings. Our certified arborists are passionate about trees, especially managing and maintaining trees around your home.

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Residential Services

We provide tree removal, stump grinding and removal, tree trimming and pruning and tree maintenance services. Feel free to contact us today for a free Quote.

Commercial Services

Our team of professional tree surgeons provide unique attention to not only enhance curb appeal but ensure trees are well-maintained and assessed for safety risk and disease.


Based on the type of tree, the stump’s location and your budget,  our team will recommend the best course to action to deal with your stump and the surface root. Not removing stumps at the right time can negatively impact the health of surrounding trees. Our team of professional arborists would cover the area with soil-nourishing mulch after stump removal


In many cases where stump removal can be avoided, we recommend stump grinding. Stump grinding helps preserve the outdoor landscape and garden, ensuring it can get back to its original aesthetics much sooner. It helps avoid the use of powerful chemicals and massive damage and following cleanup involved with stump removal.
Our arborists would also mulch the landscape for you to grass it again. In a few weeks, you won’t even know there was a stump at the place.


Our tree removal procedure is safe, secure and cost effective. We’ve got the experience and the certified arborists to remove the body of any size tree. Plus, we’ll take care of all the clean up.


We trim in an aesthetic way young and mature trees. Pruning correctly will sustain your tree’s health, enhance tree appearance, stimulate growth and prevent risks.


For residential or commercial site storm damage clean up, our team is available 24 hours a day to clean up branches/trees and other debris that has fallen on your site.


If you call with an emergency, we will do our best to come as soon as possible to eliminate the hazard. These emergencies are often the result of storm conditions; lots of rain and high winds.

Why Choose Us

Our certified arborists are passionate about trees, especially managing and maintaining trees around your home. We provide the best tree service in Town and in different locations like: Fisher, Garran, Greenway, Florey, Hackett, Torrens, Weetangera, Weston and  Amaroo and more.

Safe & Secure

We always put safety first

24x7 Support

 We have a 24-hour response team of friendly and qualified arborists available.

Low Cost

 Our tree services in Canberra are extremely competitive, making them accessible to everyone

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